Long Weekend in Lisbon


Spontaneous Four Day Trip to Lisbon

If you find a few days on your hands and have an urge to explore… check out Lisbon. I took a four day weekend and took a spontaneous trip there with a friend from high school, who I hadn’t seen in years.

We booked a quaint Portuguese apartment on airbnb with a window overlooking the winding cobblestone streets. I have a friend from Lisbon who gave us a little suggestion guide. With the help of her recommendations, we wandered up and down the 7 hills of Lisbon through the winding streets. The city bares a strange resemblance to San Fransisco with trolleys and a matching red bridge. The architecture is breathtaking yet slightly rundown, resulting in a charming aesthetic, where extravagance meets decay.

The first thing we noticed was how helpful and kind the people are there. Neither of us spoke any Portuguese, yet no matter where we went, they always wanted to help us and make sure we were having a nice experience of their city. Lisbon has tons of artisan markets and ancient monuments. Beautiful plazas are sprawled around the city, featuring local musicians having jam sessions free for everyone to enjoy. When you are done with one place, just hop on a trolley and get a little tour of the city until you want to jump off and explore. The food was delicious as well as notably affordable. Street art dazzles the decaying walls; city and ocean views are breathtaking. Watching locals going about their everyday lives will touch and inspire any onlooker.

Like I said, if you have a few day weekend, check out Lisbon, Portugal and guaranteed, you will have a beautiful experience to carry with you throughout your life.


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