Outdoor Adventures in Echo Lake

As Spring arrived, it was time to go on an outdoor adventure. Living in California, with a plethora of prime camping locations, we had plenty to choose from.

Many people are aware of the famous Lake Tahoe. Somewhere that most aren’t privy to is it’s quaint neighbor, Echo Lakes; a place where a selective group of California locals call their home away from home. A large portion of these families come from Scandinavian heritage, and in the past few hundred years, have built little wooden lakeside cottages in the likeness of Swedish countryside cabins.

Lake Tahoe is known for its high-end ski chalets and charming villages, whereas Echo Lakes are esteemed for a plethora of nature hikes, mountain biking trails and summertime lake activities. The community of people who are lucky enough to own these family heirlooms, have carefully passed them down generation-by-generation and share a lifelong bond of familiarity between them. In the past 100 years, the permitting for new construction has been banned, so if you are momentarily careless and encounter the misfortune of a burnt down cabin, you are S.O.L.

Kayaking, canoeing, trekking and biking are just the beginning of down-to-earth, grounding activities one has the opportunity to experience in Echo. It is rare for “outsiders” to be presented the chance to visit this California gem, due to its private nature; if you are so lucky to be invited here by a local, don’t hesitate to take the chance. This is a place where one makes memories of a lifetime.


Photography by Trevor Mansfield @ trevormansfield.com

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