Marbella Day Trip


Quick Stop in Marbella on the Way Around Spain

The Chronicles of Two Students Cruising Around Spain in 5 Days: Marbella

Starting in Barcelona, we followed the road along the coast, spending our first night in Valencia. Here they were setting up for the Fallas Festival, where they make satirical giants out of papier mache. At the end of the festival, all of these figures are set on fire and burned down. We got in late, and luckily were staying in the centre, so we walked around to see all of the figures being set up.

Along the way from Valencia to Marbella, we stopped near Alicante for a beautiful lunch on the seafront, enjoying delicious fresh seafood paella and sangria. We covered all of that ground in one day driving along the water. When we stopped to get gas in the middle of the night, my room mate misread the gas tank and put diesel in a gas car… LIFE LESSON: ALWAYS READ GAS TANK CORRECTLY ** We ended up having to wait for a tow truck to come and bring us and the car to a nearby rental dealership to exchange the car.

By time we got to Marbella, it was the early hours of the morning. We did a day trip to Gibraltar to dip our toes in the ocean and look at Africa off in the distance. The actual city of Gibraltar is not the most beautiful, but the experience of meditating next to that big rock was definitely worth it.

Marbella itself is so charming and beautiful in the old part of the city. Cobblestone streets and beautiful plazas adorned with stunning flower assortments and master crafted wooden doors lined every step. We had lunch on the main plaza in what was probably a tourist trap, but had very delicious Spanish tapas. My favorite place in Marbella was The Hat Shop & House of Silk. It is a quaint little store on a side street where one lady crafts by hand luxurious and glamorous hats out of all sorts of materials. She also has an extensive silk collection as well as a vintage store upstairs with designer silk clothing from the past decades. I could have stayed in there forever and I vowed to return one day and deck out my hat collection.

If you find your way to Marbella, Spain, the Hat & Silk shop is an absolute must. Stay tuned for an article on the Seville and Madrid legs of our 5 day journey around Spain.


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