10 Steps to Declutter your Life

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Whether it is mental or physical clutter getting in the way of you and your dreams, goals and overall wellbeing, generally clutter shows up in a variety of areas if it is in one. Here are some simple practices to help you declutter and create space for what you would like to create in your life.

  1. Purge Wardrobe: anything you haven’t worn in the past year, has no need to take up space in your life. If you didn’t wear it this or last year, most likely you will not wear it in the coming year or years.
  2. Commit: whenever you bring something new into your home, pick one thing to get rid of or give away.
  3. Donate: locate somewhere near you where there is an organization or group of people who may benefit from belongings that no longer serve you. Whether it is a local shelter, orphanage, or something of the like, this is a way to repurpose the things you love by gifting them to those in need.
  4. Go Offline: decluttering not only speaks to the space around you, but also to the space within you. Taking time to be offline and connect with loved ones, nature and yourself is an essential aspect of decluttering.
  5. Yoga Practice: wring out the junk in your system, mind chatter and confusion by practicing balance and breathing. Yoga is a journey inside with a plethora of highly impactful benefits; like any practice, it starts with the first step and carries forward with consistency.
  6. Walk with no destination: enjoy each individual step along the way for what it is: a fleeting moment in the present; a blessing in of itself. While walking, enjoy the smells, sounds, the touch of the breeze on your skin and hair.
  7. Write: the process of writing is cathartic in itself; for me, writing my ideas, goals and intentions as well as a timeline of how and when plan to act on them is very helpful. Also to record dreams, thoughts and inspirations, or simply a journal of my day or special memories helps to get them onto paper, decluttering the mind.
  8. Believe you can: Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right! Whatever you truly see yourself doing or being is within your reach; taking it a step forward with charged excitement and gratitude goes a long way.
  9. Choose: life comes down to choices we are given and choices we make every minute of every day. Choosing to slow down and declutter allows you to create space in your life to simply be; to enjoy the beauty and joy in the simple things.
  10. Breathe: it may seem silly, but regulating your breath, as well as breathing deeply into your lower abdomen and then letting your lungs fill up, slows down the autonomic system and empowers you to approach whatever shows up in your life from a calm and balanced place.
    “The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.” 
    ― Joshua Becker

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