Customized Smoothies in Athens

Traveling in Athens and loading up on delicious cuisine? Check out my favorite pitstop for a quick nutrition blast!

After having our share of delicious authentic food throughout our ten day trip in Greece, we were ready for fresh juices, when we found this great place. In September, for my mom’s birthday, we travelled around the beautiful country, spending a weekend in the capital. Athens. By time we got to Athens, we all felt like cleansing. Generally, as a family we tend to eat mostly plant based, organic, local, fresh food, all sharing a keen passion for health and wellness.


Often going back and forth in my head between the paradox of going vegan and wanting to get a full sense any given culture I am experiencing. On this trip, we all decided to indulge in the traditional dishes and specialties recommended by locals. Although the food was super fresh and local, it was very rich.


Our first day in Athens, we spent the day exploring the Plaka, with my mom and dad showing us all of their favorite spots and where they spent time on their honeymoon. Luckily in the afternoon we found this delicious smoothie and juice bar. We were all in dyer need of a blast of concentrated nutrients. This place is awesome. They have a thorough menu with a variety of customizable smoothies and juices full of superfoods.


Every day this became the first pitstop of our day. They even have a collection of healthy, cruelty free, locally made cosmetics and health supplements. What a score!


Next time you’re in Athens, make sure to check out Nova Gea and remember to use the mason jar recycling station.




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