DIY Gluten Free Pizza

Facing diet adjustments or simply looking to cut down the belt size?

After planting my first ever vegetable garden, in California, I took a shot at making DIY gluten free pizza. I went to the local market to get some ingredients that didn’t grow in my garden, such as flower, tomato paste, baking powder and cheese.


Initially we were partial to having salami on the pizza. By time I got home and prepared everything, it looked so delicious topped with the plethora of fresh veggies from the garden that I decided to leave out the meat.


For my crust, I used a regular pizza recipe, substituting flower for coconut flower. It came out thin and crunchy which is how I like it best. The whole process of making the dough, rolling it out, prepping the toppings, assembling and baking my interpretation of the traditional Italian dish, took about thirty minutes!


When it finally came time to bite into the crunchy goodness, I was impressed. It was delicious; couldn’t tell it was gluten free, except for being able to eat more without feeling heavy after. In fact, it redefined the dish into being a light, flavorful and satisfying lunch. It was super simple and empowering. Who knew how simple it could be to whip up a delicious and healthy pizza? Pair that with a glass of fine Napa wine and there’s no looking back.


Garden fresh veggies always taste better, so if you want to make this at home, sub out regular flower for coconut flower and get some local or garden produce. See what you can create with a bit of experimentation and intuitive cooking! Get inspired and hone your secret nonna skills.

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