About Us

We are a mom and daughter working together on this blog. Our goal is to share our version of a “hippy” approach to travel, food, style and health, as well as interviews with people we meet along the way who are pursuing their dreams to create something which benefits the world. We like to combine beauty, adventure, delicious food, healthy lifestyle and timeless fashion.

Our family has always been nomadic, and had a tendency to break the mold, living in many different places across North and Central America, Europe and sometimes Asia. As a family and individually, we like to spend our time traveling, pursuing a healthy lifestyle, getting to know interesting people from diverse backgrounds, surrounding ourselves with love and beauty; all with the common theme of exciting and new experiences. We share a passion for things which contribute personally and collectively to creating a loving environment for all beings to coexist, while showing appreciation and care to the planet. We like to work with and support people, brands and organizations which share this vision.